Bye bye 2015

Review 2015 from my point of view


In a couple of hours, it is 2016. It is already 2016 in many parts of the world
like Sydney. Like anyone, I want to reflect on 2015.

First, the website was alive and dead at the same time. I publish nothing
this year. I did a lot of updates and maintenance. Not the best thing.

So far 2015 sounds like a bad year. The crazy thing is 2015 was a great year
because I learn so much. I learn so much about me and most importantly the people around me.

I want to expose what I learn about me and the people around me and what’s my plan for 2016.

One thing I learn about me is the fact I dream a lot this year but did not turn
those dreams into reality. They were very basic dreams. Unfortunately, I was
unable to turn those dreams into reality.

In 2016 I want more actions. I want to spice up my life. We do have one life to live.
I better use it and enjoy it. To make sure I reach that goal, I’ll lunch a new website
to track almost everything I do. I think it is the best to track any progress.

The main reason for the website is to get back to intense software development.
I let that side of me go a little bit. Yes, I still have a job in software development
but I want to test new tools. Be curious again.

My main goal is to be curious again.

All this lead me to something valuable about people around us. Most people are
self-centric. They love you or act like they love until you can help them reach
whatever status they are looking for. It is not a bad thing to be surrounded by winners only.

I understand the ideas of winners only. It was deeper than that. They fake love to get something out of you. That’s sad. at least I can smell BS a miles away. Of course, I had many opportunities to make them feel bad or put them in a bad situation.
I wasn’t built like that. I’m not a shady person. Some people might think I’m naïve but I’m not.

I believe in karma. I do think if you spread love than love is going back to you.

My main goal in 2016 is to spread the love with my programming skills and so much more.

It is going to be a wild ride in 2016.

Happy new year .. I wish you the best for 2016 for you and your family


NSA your personal data not safe

I watched Obama the other day and the conclusion is clear. NSA is going to spy more and all your personal data is public for them. Yes, any e-mails phone conversations and text message are public now.

It was amazing and almost unreal. I watched Obama and I was like wait a second: are you telling me I should just trust the government and give the NSA a blank check with my data.

Apparently yes. I should trust them that no one is ever going to abuse that crazy power.

Don’t be naïve your data is public.

The government is going to make sure they can get access to your data at anytime.

The best example is the lavabit story

Watch this video from the YoungTurk about NSA and your personal data

Basically the government did not like the idea of a secure e-mail service. The service was so secure that the government was not able to spy on it easily. More important it was a service that Snowden (the whistleblower) was using.

The owner had two choices: give the data or no close the service. He decided to close it.

This is a quick message to make sure you are aware of the situation. My best advice is making sure you are comfortable about anything you post on the internet.
The government and NSA are watching. Big Brother is here.


Great but I’m not American therefore I’m safe right… even worst. If you are not American then the US government can do whatever they want with your data because you have no protection at all.

This is a crazy world.




Welcome back to blackysky

It’s been a long time since my last update on blackysky.

First I’m still alive… I know you are happy to know that.


I still have this huge dream to make the web smarter simpler faster and more secure in real time.

I truly think we can do better than this. The web should help us make decisions. The web should not be the place to fall into another scam or lose money.


That’s my new philosophy behind blackysky.


They say the sky is the limit but before we reach those limits we need a solid foundation. The web is our foundation.


We are going to live in an internet world. The main question is how the web can help us make money, have fun, meet new people and become smarter faster in real time.


I try to answer all those questions right here at blackysky.


I am going to separate the website in 2 parts.

The first part at is for announcements opinions and technical stuff.

The second part on is for my guides tips and hacks.


Of course I plan to make the website smarter faster simpler and more secure in real time.

I want to make sure you get your accurate answer as fast as possible.

It is a goal. It is a hard problem to solve. I’m ready and I’m sure with your help and inputs I will find the best solutions.


Like always you can contact me to ask me anything. I cannot wait to hear more from you.


Online Marketing

Why Google sold more nexus 7 16 GB than nexus 7 8 GB?

The big news is the nexus 7 16 GB is out.

Update: by popular demand you can Get and play with your nexus 7 16GB or 8GB today

google nexus 7 16 GB is sold out

Google is surprise. Tech bloggers are surprise too…

I’m not surprise because it is a pure pricing psychology effect.

Right now you can get a nexus 7 8GB for $209 Canadian dollars.

You can also get a nexus 7 16 GB for $259 Canadian dollars.

It is a $50 difference.

You can add $50 and double your space. Is it a good deal? Maybe yes maybe no!

At this point it might sounds like a bad deal until you read the page carefully.

During this early promotion Google gives you $25 of credits to spend in their play store.

Now the nexus 7 16 GB is $234 Canadian dollars.

We are now $25 closer to the nexus 7 8 GB.

The nexus 7 16GB is more interesting with this promotion.

Now to make sure the 16 GB model sell more there is a movie in that promotion package. Yes Google is kind enough to give you Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Any savvy user and those early adopters know how big a movie is. It is really big. 8GB makes more sense with music and their mp3 files.

At 8 GB you is able to put a lot of thing. (unless you plan to put only eBooks)

So now is the question: are ready to put $25 more to keep and load your new toy for a long time.

The answer is quite obvious. At this price tag people are ready to buy once and never worry about space after.

I’m like that and I’m not alone.

Can the nexus 7 16 GB be more popular without the promotion? Yes because it is clear that people are buying the nexus 7 to watch movies. The promotion makes it a no brainer.

What can you and I learn from nexus 7 16 GB experience?

Price doesn’t matter. Price is never a real deal breaker. When you need something the value and reward from whatever you are going to buy is more important.

For example here people clearly want a device to store and play their movie for many years to come. It is obvious that 8 GB won’t make the cut.

So people are ready to spend more to worry less and meet at 100% their needs.

It is something I discover and I try to apply to anything I sell.

The big lesson here is learning and gets as much information as possible from your customers.

This is something I try to apply in my stuff.

Most of the time I’m surprise by what people really want. It is fascinating to see what they want.

Online Marketing web

Why internet marketing and work at home online are scams

Since 2007 I was a big fan of the internet. During the same time I discovered that it was possible to make money online. I was not able to make much money online so I decided to go deeper.

I enter the world of internet marketing.

At first it was great because you could really some great marketing tips.


Have been around a long time to know that they are not selling marketing tips but a dream to make money fast. Every single guru can flip it the way they want it but internet marketing guru are selling a dream to make money fast and easily.


Of course they can put every warning they want but at the end of the day they sell you that dream.


I want to show you a video that will explain you everything you should know about internet marketing.


never ever buy a make money online or work at home product never