98% success with plenty of fish: get more POF messages today

Update September 2015: New and refine POF best message tool is coming out on  Sunday 7 November 2015. Stay tuned.

Is it possible to send a message on POF for example and get an answer every single time?

That’s the question I try to answer during the last 6 months.

You are going to discover the most creative first pof messages. 

New: you can always contact me with your message for a free pof message review .. it’s free so use it today.

I want to share my results with you today in my quest to write the perfect message all the time. A message to work on anybody no matter your look.

I know it sounds too good to be true but that’s my goal.

Did I succeed? You might like my results.


First let’s reject the elephant in the room: The look.

 the picture + profile problem

I’m not the cutest man on earth but I was able to have success online. One way to reach that goal was to fix the picture + profile problem.


Everyone hates to write something about themselves or find a good picture.


To choose my pictures I decide to ask many different friends to take my picture in various occasions.

Then I choose a pack of pictures and I ask my friends on Facebook twitter or at home to choose the best one.

Among those pictures I ask a new batch of friends for the best one.


Like that I was able to find something interesting. I cannot tell you what’s the best way to take those pictures or if you should smile or not because every person is different nothing fit everyone. The best solution is the one I just describe because people can see stuff you won’t be able to see alone.

Breaking news for you not everyone absorb the same among of light. Therefore some people might see you darker or lighter.


I know it is crazy.

My  profile script for pof

Ok we have the picture now it is time to attack the profile.

The profile should be simple and to the point. I use this simple model to write my profile


Why me?

Why now?

Why you should care?


You should answer those questions with your personality and feel free to go personal.


Ok you have your profile… you can always send me your profile link for a quick review. I do have some great girlfriends ready to give you great feedback if my feedback is not enough.

  Perfect first message

Now that you have everything in place we can attack the most critical part of what you are looking for: Your first good message.


I study research and test everything and I’m proud to share those results with you.


This is a serious study and I hope I’m going to help you find love this year.


First I wanted to know how much messages a girl can get.


The reality is none or not so much to a lot…..


A lot is maybe around 50 messages a week... (remember this is almost an exception)

Believe it or not but the vast majority don’t receive a gazillion messages.


However the best looking girls do receive a ton of messages.


The good news is they receive a lot of bad or horrible messages.


As a reference you should check this study about profile and online dating in general.

<< Study : >> : here


Like I said people receive a lot of crap in their inbox… it is your job to do a better job.


Before I give you the secret sauce let me show you something. (Yes you can skip this section but trust me you might learn something too).

I did something most people don’t really do… I read over 100 profiles.

I want you to check those results because you might learn something today.

I want you to read this profile in particular:

pof perfect message girl point view

The vibe of the message and the last line is clear.

Look most woman on POF love their life career and everything in between.

They want someone to add something to their life.

But they are bored and shy in general….

After they read your profile and message:

They should say wow he is fun creative and he will definitely add something to my life right away.


It is extremely important to read the profile because you might get the vibe of the woman.


Yes you can write almost anything to some girl and you can score a goal pretty easily but in general you need to work hard. Before your message, your dream girl might have read many bad ones and may have had bad experiences.


Keywords you should focus on are creative, positive, good vibe, smart and fun.


Anytime she read something from you she must smile!!

Online advice

Now let’s see what you can find online:


Everyone has an advice but not every advice is great:

Let’s explore what’s out there….


The first link I found was from: http://michaeljagdeo.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/how-to-write-compelling-plenty-of-fish-messages/


Let me copy paste two messages and let discuss about it:



Background: She indicated she was an engineer.

Hi there,


My name’s Mike. That’s cool that you’re an engineer!


Sometimes I’m amazed at bridges…I mean, they are supporting multiple vehicles all day long…we should really have a National Bridge Day, or maybe National Engineer day would be better. National Bridge Day would mean Starbucks would be full of 65-year old women wearing white, thin, doily blouses, eating coffee crisp, swapping the daily gossip.


Talk soon







Background: She posted a video featuring one of those dancing flash mobs.

Hi there,


My name’s Mike. I’ve never understood flash mobs.


I mean, when there’s a flash fire, it happens very quickly, with very little planning. Flash mobs, on the other hand, appear to my naked eye, immaculately planned and organized. But perhaps they are channelling the mafia version of the mob rather than the riot version. In that spirit, I believe, ‘flash organized mafia dancers following choreography’ might be a more apt title.


But flash mob rolls off the tongue a lot better, I guess…


Talk soon







The strategy of this comedian is picking up something in the girl’s profile and run with this.


Oh wait How to run with this?

In this case you act like you are in the middle of a conversation:


Look the first message he start with “My name’s Mike. That’s cool that you’re an engineer! “”

Like it was the first time they met (because it is the first time!!) then he spin it and use my classic trick to be interesting.

 My formula

Observation – share opinion – pass the ball….



The observation: (Background: She posted a video featuring one of those dancing flash mobs.) I’ve never understood flash mobs


Share opinion: I mean, when there’s a flash fire, it happens very quickly, with very little planning. Flash mobs, on the other hand, appear to my naked eye, immaculately planned and organized. But perhaps they are channelling the mafia version of the mob rather than the riot version.


pass the ball: In that spirit, I believe, ‘flash organized mafia dancers following choreography’ might be a more apt title.


But flash mob rolls off the tongue a lot better, I guess…


Talk soon



The pass the ball is your hook at this point you give something to give an answer on….


In this case it is ‘dangeruous’ because the girl might say he is fun or completely weirdo but I think it is the right strategy because you are going to be creative … read it again


And you might like it too…



Now it your turn to practice: let me give you some profile


You can use the comment section to craft your answer or do it anonymously right here. No matter what you can practice and sharp your skill right here:


Ok let’s start the workshop:


The first profile is a basic one… Something you find all the time:

pof first good message

I highlight some keywords for you. She is active and passionate.


You get the vibe. In this case being active could be a great observation start with and then run with this… You should be as active as her and like kids…. After that you can use your imagination.


More profile to work on. I’ll share results in a next post but for now work on it and feel free to send me your stuff for a free review

pof perfect message

pof perfect message

pof perfect messagepof perfect messagepof perfect first message

Remember being confident smart creative and smart can lead you to success.

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    1. you should contact POF directly my friend… I have no access to members money …. In the meantime I don’t know why you would spend money on POF… their premium tools are not helpful at all


  2. I understand that you have deleted my account i’am sure you had good reason, I do not understand how you are justifying keeping the money i paid for a up graded membership i would like my money refunded please that is the right thing to do you leave no way to reach you ! please give me my money which is nine months i did not use times your 6.99 monthly fee.


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  4. that message is too fucking long. it needs to be brief, simple and straight to the point.


    1. yeah but there is no right and wrong formula… I can show you a longer message with a crazy success among girls …


  5. that was probably the worst message i have ever seen.. haha.


    1. maybe not … I was surprise by the response I get from that message …. but I have new messages that have been test by a couple of guys and girls … trust me they are hot


  6. lol, what a bullshit message to send to someone. No girl is honestly going to respond to that… or alone even READ that.


    1. you are funny but I had success with that message on POF… The idea is to be funny creative smart and honest… By the way I never said it was a copy paste thing magic message… I just share my stuff to inspire other people. Now you can choose to take it or ignore it…. PS: if you are on this page I guess you don’t have a huge success on pof. You need to open your mind a little more. Closed mind won’t lead you anywhere and girls can feel that …. anyway I will share more great messages soon …


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