Drake Fan Club: meet Drake the rapper

Ok I receive a lot of e-mails recently. The top question is how I can meet Drake.

Right now I am brainstorming on a way to choose people and lead them to Drake…

Stay tune because I will provide a unique opportunity to meet drake….

If you like this idea then you can leave a comment. From the number of responses, I will know to go forward with this idea or not…

Wait there is more

Please share this page with your friends on facebook and twitter about this project to meet Drake….

Update: no messages you are sending might end up in the hands of Drake. This is my fan Club. Stay cool fans and enjoy Drake’s music like me

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163 comments on “Drake Fan Club: meet Drake the rapper
  1. Daniel Pledger says:

    Ever since drake made it big ive had a nack for his music. His style and his flow is rediculous. He is definately my favorite artist. Im 16 years old and not knowing who this guy even is i look up to him! Ive promised myself that one day i would HAVE to meet drake before i die. If it comes down to it i would pay for backstage passes to a concert of his, but i would like to meet drake outside of the buisness life and have a real conversation with him. Afterall he is a human being just like we are. It would be a once in a lifetime experience to meet my biggest role model. Im not some crazy obsessed stalker. Im just an average 16 year old guy that has a dream. ~God Bless,

    Daniel Pledger

    • Ricky Solo says:

      nice comment ….. unfortunately now it is hard to meet drake just like that. it was easier before because drake wasn’t a huge superstar now it is almost impossible. I’m still working to make it possible again.

  2. AleeLovesDrake says:

    drake means everything to me. hes hepled me through my roughest times , and his music is the best . it’s so deep <3 please do this because meeting drake would make my life (: <3333

  3. golda says:

    my son is trying to become a rapper he totaly loves your music sais you are the best and modeles himsef after you…would be great if he could meet you one day maybe rap with you if just for fun i just know it would be the greatest day of his life

  4. drake is cool,leavel headed, and very real rapper, i would like to meet him , and say that your music has meaning and real understanding, keep it going stay real stay blessed always

  5. Cici says:

    So excited to hear this, I’ve been patiently waiting for Drake to come to Cali, and he still hasn’t made it :( . If this is made possible, how would you choose the lucky girls or guys that get to meet him? And, can i be one of them? Were probably meant to be together ;0

  6. cindy says:

    Hi I’m from Barbados where rihanna’s from and I think Drake is fantastic. I listen to any songs featuring him but my favorite is What’s My Name.I wish he could perform here sometime soon. I’m his # 1 Caribbean fan. Love you Drake !!

  7. Romane says:

    Sa fait bien longtemps que je cherche un moyen de le rencontrer ! J’ai été à son concert à Paris le 21 janvier mais je n’ai pas eu la chance qu’on certaines personnes …=( Dommage .
    La france t’aime Drizzy . <3

  8. yanna says:

    i love you your so hot make a song about me email me and call me

  9. drake first and for most god bless you ,and may you stay real and positive, smile all your music has a positive and sincere meaning thank you for that real talk smile ,on the real drake God has a great plan for you, trust in him ,ask him whatever you need because my friend he;s always on timetake from me, he;s doing it for me always, and he will for you BIG SMILE straight from the heart always from your new friend in CT,GODBLESS YOU Always .Smile

  10. Aalycia says:

    so yea it would be so awesome to meet Drake he rock’s

  11. Nick says:

    meeting drake would be sick. i love the lyrics and your style of rap. not to mention i listen and love most of your songs. hmu wit plans

  12. Khiana says:

    Have you ever felt such a spiritual connection to someone you’ve only met through music ?
    You find that they speak to you in such a way people around you can never seem to do , and yet to understand every spoken word.
    I would give anything to just explore his mind , for the masterpiece it is.
    There isnt anything I want more than to simply have him as a mentor .

    • yanna says:

      i love you drake when get older i want to marrie you and i well be a fashion desing i hope you buy some of my clothes and call me loe you

  13. Christine Butler says:

    OMG! Please do this. I don’t want anything more than to just get to meet DRAKE and get a pic with him and or have a small convo with him. :D

  14. DRAKE LOVER says:


  15. Mevy says:

    I consider Drake to be one of the most intelligent people around, and I would really like to get the chance to meet him.

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